As a business owner you are confronted with all sorts of questions. Should i invest further? How do I get the best out of my employees? Does my administration give me all the information I need? Some things could improved, but how?

Van Hoesel De Blaey helps you with all of the questions. Of course we take care of all administrative and formal matters that you would prefer not to deal with as an entrepreneur. Annual reports, for example, or tax returns and payroll. But we do more than this: we are your sparring partner who helps you get the best out of yourself and your company.

You can only make good decisions based on good information. Our experts know the law and regulations and give you the right tools to make a decision. Whether it concerns business advice, tax optimisation, acquisitions, financial planning or employee matters.



Our approach is based on expertise, creative and proactive. Collaboration aimed at success. We have a long-term relationship with many of our customers - we have witnessed many of them grow significantly. As a creative full-service accountancy and consultancy firm, we are quite proud of that.

We’re not scared to carve out our own path with you. This means our services are aligned with your business strategy. Recognising and capitalising on possibilities and opportunities, that’s something we are more than happy to contribute to.



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